Sparkettes of Montana

Great Falls, Montana

The Board

The board of directors are all Volunteers:

Miss Laura Goulet Serves as President, Treasurer, and Events Coordinator, Mr. Matt Hoffmann (billing and accounts),  Miss Cathy Karona, Miss Lisa Kervi, Miss Jen Lorenz (vice chair) Mr. Scott Lawson, Miss Helen Lohman


The Sparkettes are governed by the board of directors.



Miss Brianna Kliner is our Senior instructor and has been twirling for 12 years. She is a senior at GFHS with a GPS of 4.0. She loves volleyball and dancing. She love working with the girls and loves to see them succeed.
Miss Mel Sullivan is our Mini coach. Mel has twirled for years and is a graduate of CMR and is a server at Chili's. She is also engaged to Chad Weaver. Mel was instructed by Miss Hailey. Mel will be a great asset to the Sparkettes

Miss Sarah Corrigeux is our Junior novice instructor. Sarah has been twirling since she was 4. She started with Miss Patsy Decker and then went on to the Sparkettes of Montana where she twirled until she graduated from CMR.  She is employed at this time with Shopko but in October she plans on attending flight school in Florida. 

Miss Baylee Schippers is our Junior coach. She does a awesome job with the girls. She is a 2016 graduate of GFHS. This girls has a amazing talent for drawing. 

Miss Mabel is our Snowflake coach and intern Mini coach. Miss Mabel has only been twirling for a couple years but has advanced quickly. She loves to twirl and work with the girls.

Miss Gia Klinker is our dance instructor, she is also a USTA certified twirling instructor. Miss Gia learned dance from Miss Linda for 12 years and loves to dance. She also has twirled for over 15 years. She twirled under Miss Paulette Walter and Miss Hailey Nadiau. Gia is attending the Montana Academy of Salons Beauty School.